PROC SQL by Example: Using SQL within SAS

PROC SQL by Example: Using SQL within SAS

Howard Schreier

In PROC SQL through instance: utilizing SQL inside SAS, writer Howard Schreier illustrates using PROC SQL within the context of the SAS info step and different SAS methods (such as type, FREQ, capacity, precis, APPEND, DATASETS, and TRANSPOSE) whose performance overlaps and enhances that of SQL.

utilizing a side-by-side technique, this concise reference consultant comprises many generally defined examples displaying identical info step and SQL code, permitting SAS clients to use present SAS abilities and information whereas studying approximately SQL. Discussions conceal the variations among SQL and the information step in addition to events the place SQL and the knowledge step are used jointly to profit from the strengths of every.

subject matters addressed contain operating with joins and merges; utilizing subqueries; knowing set operators; utilizing the Macro Facility with PROC SQL; protecting tables; operating with perspectives; utilizing PROC SQL as a document generator; and extra.

this article is perfect for SAS programmers looking to upload PROC SQL to their SAS toolkits in addition to SQL programmers striving to raised combine the SAS information step and SQL.

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