Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists: Creating music with ChucK

Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists: Creating music with ChucK

Ajay Kapur, Perry R. Cook, Ge Wang


Programming for Musicians and electronic Artists: developing track with ChucK bargains a whole creation to programming within the open resource song language ChucK. In it, you are going to study the fundamentals of electronic sound construction and manipulation if you observe the ChucK language. As you progress example-by-example via this easy-to-follow booklet, you will create significant and lucrative electronic compositions and "instruments" that make sound and tune in direct reaction to software good judgment, ratings, gestures, and different platforms hooked up through MIDI or the network.

Purchase of the print publication features a loose book in PDF, Kindle, and ePub codecs from Manning Publications.

About this Book

A electronic musician needs to control sound accurately. ChucK is an audio-centric programming language that gives distinct keep an eye on over the years, audio computation, and consumer interface components like tune pads and joysticks. since it makes use of the vocabulary of sound, ChucK is simple to profit even for artists with very little publicity to computing device programming.

Programming for Musicians and electronic Artists bargains an entire creation to song programming. In it, you will research the fundamentals of electronic sound manipulation whenever you discover ways to software utilizing ChucK. Example-by-example, you are going to create significant electronic compositions and "instruments" that reply to software good judgment, rankings, gestures, and different platforms hooked up through MIDI or the community. you will additionally event how ChucK permits the on-the-fly musical improvisation practiced via groups of "live tune coders" round the world.

Written for readers acquainted with the vocabulary of sound and song. No event with desktop programming is required.

What's Inside

  • Learn ChucK and electronic track construction side-by-side
  • Invent new sounds, tools, and modes of performance
  • Written via the creators of the ChucK language

About the Authors

Perry Cook, Ajay Kapur, Spencer Salazar, and Ge Wang are pioneers within the quarter of training and programming electronic track. Ge is the writer and leader architect of the ChucK language.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: ChucK programming for artists
  2. Basics: sound, waves, and ChucK programming
  3. Libraries: ChucK's integrated tools
  4. Arrays: arranging and having access to your compositional data
  5. Sound records and sound manipulation
  6. Functions: making your individual tools
  7. PART 2 NOW IT will get quite INTERESTING!
  8. Unit turbines: ChucK gadgets for sound synthesis and processing
  9. Synthesis ToolKit instruments
  10. Multithreading and concurrency: operating many courses at once
  11. Objects and sessions: making your individual ChucK strength tools
  12. Events: signaling among shreds and syncing to the skin world
  13. Integrating with different structures through MIDI, OSC, serial, and more

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