Promethean: the Created

Promethean: the Created

Will Hindmarch, Bill Bridges, Justin Achilli, Richard Thomas, John Chambers, Conrad Hubbard, Oscar Garza, Chris McDonough, Mike

i do know that glance of disgust on your eyes.
You can't conceal it from me.

I've obvious all its expressions in lots of faces like your own.
I am in detail conversant in rejection.
Yes, those scars and stitched wounds are scary to behold.
Were i really alive, they'd be sufficient to kill me.

But i'm really not alive.
Not yet.

Not within the means you recognize it.
A fireplace burns inside of me and animates this lifeless flesh,
these legs that experience wandered the a long way areas of the Earth,
these palms that experience killed men.

And I stroll with a purpose.
You won't stand in my way.
These fingers have killed men.

A Storytelling online game of Stolen Lives

Prometheans are soulless corpses lively by way of a mysterious, alchemical strength, the Divine hearth stolen from the gods. Their hideousness forces people, animals, or even nature itself to reject them on an instinctual point. They wander the darkish locations of the realm, looking what their creators denied them: humanity.

A New video game set on the planet of Darkness

A entire new kind of personality for avid gamers, encouraged through the vintage Frankenstein monster and the global myths of Golems

Explores features of the area of Darkness unknown to the opposite video game lines

Strange new antagonists and mysteries to solve for avid gamers of any global of Darkness video game

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