Quine (Arguments of the Philosophers)

Quine (Arguments of the Philosophers)

Peter Hylton

Quine was once one of many preferable philosophers of the 20 th century. during this remarkable review of Quine's philosophy, Peter Hylton indicates why Quine is so very important and the way his philosophical naturalism has been so influential inside analytic philosophy.

Beginning with an outline of Quine's philosophical historical past in common sense and arithmetic and the position of Rudolf Carnap's impact on Quine's proposal, he is going directly to speak about Quine's recognized analytic-synthetic contrast and his arguments in regards to the nature of the a priori. He additionally discusses Quine's philosophy of language and epistemology, his celebrated thought of the indeterminacy of translation and his broader perspectives of ontology and modality.

This e-book is vital interpreting for a person drawn to Quine, 20th century philosophy and the philosophy of language.

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