Albert Memmi

Racism: it's social, now not "natural," it truly is common, no longer "personal"; and it really is tragically potent. In a awesome meditation on a subject matter on the heart of yankee existence, Albert Memmi investigates racism as social pathology -- a cultural ailment that prevails since it permits one phase of society to empower itself on the rate of one other. via turns ancient, sociological, and autobiographical, Racism strikes past person prejudice and flavor to have interaction the wider questions of collective habit and social responsibility.

The e-book contains 3 sections -- "Description, " "Definition, " and "Treatment" -- during which Memmi delineates racism's motives and hidden workings, examines its shut affinity to colonialism, and considers its daily manifestations over a interval of centuries through the West. His subject matters comprise bigotry opposed to Blacks, anti-Semitism, the that means of "whiteness, " and the prestige of the Quebecois.

For Memmi, the constitution of racism has 4 "moments": the insistenc on distinction; the adverse valuation imposed on those that fluctuate; the generalizing of this detrimental valuation to a whole staff; and using generalization to legitimize hostility. Memmi indicates the way it isn't really racism's content material -- that can swap at will -- yet its shape that offers it such energy and tenacity.

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