Ratking (An Aurelio Zen Mystery)

Ratking (An Aurelio Zen Mystery)

Michael Dibdin

during this masterpiece of mental suspense, Italian Police Commissioner Aurelio Zen is dispatched to enquire the abduction of Ruggiero Miletti, a strong Perugian industrialist. yet no one a lot desires Zen to be triumphant: no longer the neighborhood experts, who view him as an outsider, and definitely no longer Miletti's young ones, who look content material to allow the top of the family members languish within the fingers of his abductors -- if he is nonetheless alive.

Was Miletti really the sufferer of professionals?  Or may his kidnapper be an individual in the direction of domestic: his preening son Daniele, together with his million-lire cloth cabinet and his ecocnomic drug business?  His daughter, Cinzia, whose vapid attractiveness conceals a devastating mystery? The perverse Silvio, or the eldest son Pietro, the unscrupulous fixer who manipulates the plots of others for his personal ends? As Zen attempts to solve this rat's nest of relations intrigue and reputable complicity, Michael Dibdin provides us certainly one of his such a lot finished thrillers, a chilling masterpiece of police process and mental suspense.

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