Realm of Chaos (Grail Quest, Book 6)

Realm of Chaos (Grail Quest, Book 6)

J. H. Brennan

absorb Excalibur, the magic sword, and get ready to go into the world of Chaos!

A sorcerer's curse has became th eKingdom of Avalon right into a land of nightmare. Leprous fogs blot out the solar, putrid fungus assaults constructions, gold rusts, textile rots and rot and demise pollute the land.

The fortress at Camelot holds the main to the curse, however the nice gates are barred. you need to realize the key direction that leads inside of its grim partitions. yet to take action you need to first input the plague-ridden city of Glastonbury, the place evil lurks in the back of each slime-encrusted door, as you search the knowledge and kit you wish in this, your such a lot tricky and significant Grailquest experience yet...

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