Reasoning about Uncertainty (MIT Press)

Reasoning about Uncertainty (MIT Press)

Joseph Y. Halpern

Uncertainty is a basic and unavoidable characteristic of everyday life; which will care for uncertaintly intelligently, we have to have the capacity to symbolize it and cause approximately it. during this ebook, Joseph Halpern examines formal methods of representing uncertainty and considers numerous logics for reasoning approximately it. whereas the information offered are formalized when it comes to definitions and theorems, the emphasis is at the philosophy of representing and reasoning approximately uncertainty; the fabric is obtainable and appropriate to researchers and scholars in lots of fields, together with machine technological know-how, synthetic intelligence, economics (particularly video game theory), arithmetic, philosophy, and statistics.

Halpern starts by way of surveying attainable formal structures for representing uncertainty, together with likelihood measures, probability measures, and plausibility measures. He considers the updating of ideals in line with altering info and the relation to Bayes' theorem; this results in a dialogue of qualitative, quantitative, and plausibilistic Bayesian networks. He considers not just the uncertainty of a unmarried agent but in addition uncertainty in a multi-agent framework. Halpern then considers the formal logical structures for reasoning approximately uncertainty. He discusses wisdom and trust; default reasoning and the semantics of default; reasoning approximately counterfactuals, and mixing likelihood and counterfactuals; trust revision; first-order modal common sense; and information and ideology. He encompasses a sequence of workouts on the finish of every chapter.

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