Reckoning (The Empyrean Chronicle Book 1)

Reckoning (The Empyrean Chronicle Book 1)

Patrick Siana

AN EPIC SWORDS AND SORCERY fable sequence that may continue YOU UP a ways prior YOUR BEDTIME

A retired Marshal hiding out as a whiskey distiller. A princess. An murderer. A viscount enjoying at sorcery. A magic sword, and an historical curse. It has all of the makings of 1 of Elias Duana's dime-store novels. purely this can be no bedtime story.

It all starts while Viscount Roderick Macallister makes an unannounced stopover at to Elias Duana's dwelling house with a proposal to buy his ancestral land. Elias turns Macallister away, yet little does he comprehend that his refusal to promote will thrust himself into the midst of a centuries-long feud among royal dynasties and exhibit his personal family's mysterious past.

On a regimen day out Elias is ambushed by means of scimitar-wielding, magic-slinging highwaymen. Elias escapes together with his lifestyles, notwithstanding he's wounded. It does not take a lot mind's eye on Elias's half to finish that the boys who attacked him have been no mere bandits. regardless of the day-old arrow wound in his shoulder Elias embarks on a undertaking to guard his land and kinfolk and produce his would-be killers to justice.

Elias is familiar with that his father used to be a Marshal, an arbiter of the queen's justice, notwithstanding Padraic Duana used to be continually tight-lipped approximately his earlier in carrier to the queen. What Elias does not comprehend is that his father carried not just a magic sword, but additionally the secrets and techniques of his kingdom. secrets and techniques that an arcane sect named the Scarlet Hand is greater than a bit drawn to. secrets and techniques concerning a long-forgotten curse and a banished condominium shrouded in darkish magic, and in mystery.

As Elias stumbles upon one clue after one other, even though, the homesteader grew to become rogue lawman discovers that way over his small nook of the realm hangs at the precipice of wreck, for the Scarlet Hand has designs at the throne itself. With the Hand quickly on his path, Elias races towards Peidra, the capital of Galacia, to warn the queen of the upcoming chance to the crown, figuring out complete good that the security of either his kinfolk and all of the realm is in his hands.

Still, the rogue Marshal unearths assist in unforeseen areas as he joins forces with a razor-tongued princess that's whatever yet right, his medical-school-dropout sister, an elderly secret agent grew to become state healthcare professional, and a horse named Comet. jointly, this not going band of heroes is all that stands among the fist of the Scarlet Hand and the destruction of the area, if now not all of the countries of Agia.

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