Reclaiming Epicurus: Penguin Special

Reclaiming Epicurus: Penguin Special

Luke Slattery

Epicureanism has been diluted right into a byword for gourmand eating, yet does the unique historical Greek 'philosophy of the Garden' comprise perception which can shop the area? Luke Slattery argues that interpreting Epicurus might support us reconsider our materialist methods and problem the inevitability of artificial weather swap. instead of beautiful to altruism, or calling for revolution within the international economic climate, the Epicurean philosophy turns the constructed world's credo of 'greed is good' on its head, counselling that real happiness comes from the quieting of hope; from much less, no more. And that would simply be the attitude we have to rein in unsustainable development.

during this considerate Penguin distinctive, Slattery lines the radicalism of classical Epicurean idea, and its acceptance regardless of political suppression. alongside the best way, he excursions the archaeological websites of the traditional village of Oinoanda in Turkey and the Villa of the Papyri, buried in addition to Pompeii, with its historic library of petrified scrolls. may possibly a few of this treasure's fragments, painstakingly restored, show solutions to the large questions confronted within the twenty-first century?

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