Regina's Song

Regina's Song

David Eddings, Leigh Eddings

“A tale OF homicide AND REVENGE . . . Outstandingly good paced and tightly plotted, the radical additionally sticks out in its dealing with of varied mental themes.”

Eerily attuned to each other, twins Regina and Renata are so exact that even their mom can’t inform them aside. Then tragedy moves: a vicious assault leaves one dual useless and the opposite so traumatized that she turns completely inward, incapable of telling an individual what occurred or perhaps who she is. She continues to be misplaced to the area, until eventually the day Mark, a family members buddy, involves visit–and the younger girl utters her first intelligible word.

As she recovers, nonetheless without reminiscence of the previous, her nightmares develop progressively extra frightful, by way of wild suits of anxiety and darkish temper swings. Her unusual outbursts appear to coincide with the grisly serial murders that experience began plaguing Seattle. may she be the killer? decided to dispel his suspicion, Mark stakes out her domestic. The unholy sight he witnesses one evening will hang-out his soul for the remainder of his lifestyles. . . .

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