Rhapsody For The Theatre

Rhapsody For The Theatre

Alain Badiou

For Alain Badiou, theatre—unlike cinema—is where for the staging of a really emancipatory collective topic. during this feel theatre is, of all of the arts, the single strictly homologous to politics: either theatre and politics rely on a restricted set of texts or statements, jointly enacted by means of a gaggle of actors or militants, which placed a restrict at the over the top strength of the kingdom. This explains why the historical past of theatre has continually been inseparable from a background of nation repression and censorship.

This definitive assortment comprises not just Badiou’s pamphlet Rhapsody for the Theatre but additionally essays on Jean-Paul Sartre, at the political future of up to date theatre, and on Badiou’s personal paintings as a playwright, as writer of the Ahmed Tetralogy.

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