Rifts Mercops

Rifts Mercops

Pat Nowak, Carmen Bellaire

Rifts Merc Ops

More from the imaginations of Pat Nowak and Carmen Bellaire, featuring criminals, desperados and fugitives sought after through the CS and different experts, every one a chance for experience and action.

Highlights Include:

Weapons, apparatus galore, together with goods from Golden Age Weaponsmiths, Northern Gun, and Magefire.
Villains and rogue mercenary companies.
Tolkeen fugitives and the falsely accused.
NPC villains and adventures galore.
Written by means of Pat Nowak and Carmen Bellaire.
Cover through John Zeleznik. inside paintings by means of Williams, Okamura, and Drunken kind Studio.
160 pages, Cat. No. 865.

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