Rifts World Book 29: Madhaven

Rifts World Book 29: Madhaven

Kevin Siembieda, Brandon K. Aten, Taylor White

PAL0869 Rifts global e-book 29 Madhaven position taking part in video game via Palladium Books

The ruins of ny, higher often called Madhaven, are a spot of insanity, ghosts and monsters. For a few the ruins supply the promise of old secrets and techniques, strength or treasure. For the mutants who inhabit the shattered panorama, it really is actually a haven. For the Knights of the White Rose it's a hiding position. for plenty of others, notwithstanding, Madhaven is their doom.

- The ruins of new york, its background, its curse and its inhabitants.
- The Mutants of Madhaven; 7 new not obligatory participant characters or villains.
- The ghosts and monsters of Madhaven and their bizarre powers.
- The Knights of the White Rose, their mystery and their redemption.
- the paranormal White Rose, the best therapeutic strength on Rifts Earth.
- Techno-Wizard guns and units, plus M.D.C. bone weapons.
- experience surroundings, rules and more.
- web page count number 128 pages

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