Rites of Spring (Changeling: the Lost)

Rites of Spring (Changeling: the Lost)

Chuck Wendig, Travis Stout, Jess Hartley, John Snead

The King of Spring has been enspelled
And wanders within the green.
The Queen of Spring wear her Mask
And walks a course unseen.
The Knight of Spring is wearing gold
And guards the maiden’s dream.
The Knave of Spring, she stole the moon…
Or so all of it could seem.
— beautiful Penny, freelance soothsayer

This ebook includes:
* multiplied details at the magic of the misplaced, from their mystical lore to new and robust Contracts
* larger element on dreamshaping, pledgecrafting, readability, the masks, and plenty of different features of changeling magic
* Many extra tokens, goblin culmination and different wonders to be came upon in the Hedge

Rites of Spring is a complement for the realm of Darkness online game Changeling: The misplaced.

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