Rivendell - The House of Elrond (MERP ICE #8080)

Rivendell - The House of Elrond (MERP ICE #8080)

Terry Kevin Amthor

This event complement information the hidden vale of Imladris, the place the remnants of the best Elven realm of Middle-earth is living. event the wonders of Elrond's condo, haven for the Eldar and the final Kings of Arnor. listed below are situated the Rangers, and listed here are safe the heirlooms of Arnor. Rivendell is additionally the assembly position of the White Council, that physique of the clever that seeks to strive against Sauron, the darkish Lord.

Rivendell is really an island of shelter within the another way inhospitable panorama of Rhudaur. right here the weary vacationer can locate shelter from the grip of the Witch-king and his minions. safe at the north and east by way of tall spurs of the Misty Mountains, and at the west and south by means of the river Branduin, the vale has ambitious defenses. those are by no means adequate to have saved it sheltered for thus lengthy from the spies of the darkish Lord, even though: in basic terms through the facility of Elrond is the Hidden Vale made safe.

RIVENDELL features:

- four FULL-COLOR PAGES: exhibiting the Northern Hollin and Southeast Rhudaur areas, in addition to 2 zone maps of the Rivendell Valley.
- significant LAYOUTS: detailing the home of Elrond, together with the corridor of fireside and the Council chambers.
- video game records: on Elrond, Glorfindel, the strong Elven-ring Vilya, and lots of Elves of Rivendell.
- CULTURAL info: at the different population of Rhudaur: the Hillmen, Dunedain, and Dunlendings.

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