River of Darkness: Francisco Orellana's Legendary Voyage of Death and Discovery Down the Amazon

River of Darkness: Francisco Orellana's Legendary Voyage of Death and Discovery Down the Amazon

Buddy Levy

From the acclaimed writer of Conquistador comes this exciting account of 1 of history’s maximum adventures of discovery. With cinematic immediacy and meticulous recognition to ancient element, here's the real tale of a mythical sixteenth-century explorer and his death-defying navigation of the Amazon—river of darkness, pathway to gold.

In 1541, the brutal conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro and his well-born lieutenant Francisco Orellana trigger from Quito looking for los angeles Canela, South America’s rumored Land of Cinnamon, and the fabled El Dorado, “the golden man.” riding a big retinue of mercenaries, enslaved natives, horses, searching canines, and different animals around the Andes, they watched their proud excursion start to fall apart even sooner than they descended into the nightmarish jungle, following the process a robust river. quickly hopelessly misplaced within the swampy labyrinth, their numbers diminishing day-by-day via disorder, hunger, and Indian assaults, Pizarro and Orellana made a fateful choice to split. whereas Pizarro finally again domestic barefoot and in rags, Orellana and fifty-seven males, in a number of fragile craft, persevered downriver into the unknown reaches of the potent Amazon, serenaded by way of local conflict drums and the eerie cries of unique predators. Theirs stands out as the better glory.
Interweaving eyewitness money owed of the hunt with newly exposed info, blood brother Levy reconstructs the seminal trip that has electrified adventurers ever due to the fact, as Orellana turned the 1st ecu to navigate and discover the whole size of the world’s biggest river. Levy offers a long-overdue account of the local populations—some peaceable and alluring, delivering sustenance and life-saving information, others ferociously antagonistic, subjecting the invaders to gauntlets of unremitting assault and intimations of terrifying rituals. And here's the Amazon itself, a strong presence whose each twist and switch held the promise of latest wonders either normal and man-made, in addition to the ubiquitous threat of death—a river that might carry Orellana in its impossible to resist include to the tip of his existence.

Overflowing with violence and sweetness, the Aristocracy and tragedy, River of Darkness is either riveting heritage and a wide ranging event that might sweep readers alongside on an epic voyage in contrast to the other.

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