Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made

Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made

Eugene D. Genovese

This landmark background of slavery within the South—a winner of the Bancroft Prize—challenged traditional perspectives of slaves through illuminating the various sorts of resistance to dehumanization that built in slave society.

Rather than emphasizing the cruelty and degradation of slavery, historian Eugene Genovese investigates the ways in which slaves compelled their vendors to recognize their humanity via tradition, tune, and faith. now not basically passive sufferers, the slaves during this account actively engaged with the paternalism of slaveholding tradition in ways in which supported their self-respect and aspirations for freedom. Roll, Jordan, Roll covers an enormous variety of topics, from slave weddings and funerals, to the language, foodstuff, garments, and exertions of slaves, and locations specific emphasis on faith as either an incredible battleground for mental regulate and a paradoxical resource of religious energy. showing willing perception into the minds of either slaves and slaveholders, Roll, Jordan, Roll is a testomony to the ability of the human spirit lower than stipulations of utmost oppression.

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