Rumble on the Bayou

Rumble on the Bayou

Jana DeLeon

Deputy Dorie Berenger knew the day could pass from undesirable to worse while she discovered a stoned alligator within the city drunk’s swimming pool. Then DEA agent Richard Starke indicates up in Gator Bait, Louisiana, giving out orders and insults swifter than you could forged a fishing line.

Dorie is familiar with the citizens of Gator Bait aren’t going to speak to a stranger, specially a Yankee, yet she caught with Richard until eventually he catches his undesirable man. without different replacement to revive peace to the small city, Dorie concurs to assist Richard capture a legal and within the approach, uncovers a long time of secrets and techniques which were hiding deep within the Louisiana bayou.

(Note: This booklet is a part of the author’s backlist, initially published in print in 2009 by means of Dorchester Publishing)

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