Running from the Deity: A Pip & Flinx Adventure (Adventures of Pip & Flinx)

Running from the Deity: A Pip & Flinx Adventure (Adventures of Pip & Flinx)

Alan Dean Foster

From technology fiction legend Alan Dean Foster comes an exciting Pip and Flinx experience, in which a undeniable red-haired, green-eyed younger guy blessed (or cursed) with unusual powers unearths himself and his mini-dragon sidekick on a top-secret undertaking pertaining to deep area, alien worlds . . . and a primordial horror rationale on devouring all of it.

within the outer depths of the universe lies the good vacancy, the place anything dreadful lurks, hidden at the back of a good gravitational lens of darkish topic. anything awful that howls and writhes and rages throughout 300 million light-years of space–and is now heading directly for the Commonwealth and relocating speedier all of the time.

One slender likelihood exists to dodge disaster, and in basic terms Flinx can take it. Roaming the galaxy is a awake planet-size guns procedure, the legacy of a long-extinct race. As Flinx is the single one that has ever skilled psychological touch with the laptop, it really is his task to discover the robust alien artifact and coax it into becoming a member of the conflict opposed to the behemoth from beyond.

So Pip and Flinx valiantly sail into the unknown aboard their little spaceship, that is instantly pressured down for emergency upkeep on planet Arrawd, domestic to much less complex sentients and accordingly off-limits to house tourists. yet what with Arrawd being very attractive, and Flinx being Flinx, this actual rule doesn’t stand a chance.

Now, Flinx is no stranger to murderous assaults and stalking assassins–evading them occupies such a lot of his waking hours–but to be besieged via hordes bent on worshipping him as a god? Worse nonetheless, escaping this destiny goes to be as most unlikely as pleasant his dire undertaking. What’s a deity to do?

From the Hardcover edition.

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