Saijutsu: Traditional Okinawan Weapon Art

Saijutsu: Traditional Okinawan Weapon Art

Katsumi Murakami

curiosity within the classical weaponry martial arts is becoming greatly during the international, aided partially via the hot routine to incorporate karate and kobujutsu within the Olympics. In Saijistu, well known martial artist Katsumi Muakami deals the basics of kobujutsu in transparent, concise language, augmented with approximately three hundred instructive black-and-white images. Readers will research:

* The historical past of the artwork and its courting to karate

* the root types for simple weapon dealing with in step by step aspect

* the categorical kata from the fundamental kinds to the classical katas

* attention-grabbing tales concerning the nice guns masters of Murakami's lineage: Bushi Tawada and Bushi Matsumara

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