Sapphique (Incarceron)

Sapphique (Incarceron)

Catherine Fisher

Finn has escaped Incarceron, yet Keiro and Attia are nonetheless within. outdoor, issues are usually not in any respect what Finn anticipated - and either Finn's and Claudia's very lives hold on Finn convincing the court docket that he's the misplaced prince. again within, Keiro and Attia are at the hunt for Sapphique's glove, which legend says he used to flee. on the way to locate it, they have to conflict the legal itself. Incarceron has outfitted itself a physique and it desires to pass open air - similar to Sapphique, the one prisoner Incarceron ever loved.

"High-intensity, mind-bending . . . Fisher additional explores issues of fact, phantasm, and freedom with out wasting her intensely unique world-building and real characters." - Booklist, starred review

"Even because the progressively ratcheting sure bet of approaching disaster retains the pages turning, the sheer richness of the evocative descriptions calls for that each sentence be savored. . . . in case you can relish the interplaying reflections of lies, myths and reminiscence, a latest masterpiece." - Kirkus Reviews, starred overview

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