Saturnine Night (Promethean: the Created)

Saturnine Night (Promethean: the Created)

Chuck Wendig, Jess Hartley, Wood Ingham, Joseph D. Carriker Jr.

solid publication says the world's stuck in an extended, darkish evening, watching for a new sunrise to return and sweep all that darkness away.
Don't recognize if that'll ever take place, yet i know this: there's parents set on making issues darker.
They're trying to find how one can holiday the legislation the nice Lord set for all of nature's ways.
I've visible it ensue, and the night's getting darker and longer.
Sometimes i feel I mightn't ever see the solar come up.
- John Ash, Tammuz

This booklet includes:

the realm of Darkness with a marginally of technology fiction - the best way to use next-gen technological know-how in a horror chronicle
information at the nuclear Prometheans, the clones, and developing new Lineages
a brand new tale within the "Water of Life" chronicle began in Promethean: The Created, set in Detroit.

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