Scurvy: How a Surgeon, a Mariner, and a Gentlemen Solved the Greatest Medical Mystery of the Age of Sail

Scurvy: How a Surgeon, a Mariner, and a Gentlemen Solved the Greatest Medical Mystery of the Age of Sail

Stephen R. Bown

Scurvy took a poor toll within the Age of Sail, killing extra sailors than have been misplaced in all sea battles mixed. the specter of the sickness stored ships just about domestic and doomed these vessels that ventured too faraway from port. The willful lack of knowledge of the royal scientific elite, who recommended ludicrous scientific theories in accordance with speculative learn whereas ignoring the life-saving homes of citrus fruit, price tens of hundreds of thousands of lives and adjusted the process many battles at sea. The treatment for scurvy ranks one of the maximum of human accomplishments, but its effect on historical past has, formerly, been mostly missed.

From the earliest recorded visual appeal of the affliction within the 16th century, to the eighteenth century, the place a guy had simply part an opportunity of surviving the scourge, to the early 19th century, whilst the British conquered scurvy and effectively blockaded the French and defeated Napoleon, Scurvy is a scientific detective tale for the a while, the attention-grabbing precise tale of ways James Lind (the surgeon), James prepare dinner (the mariner), and Gilbert Blane (the gentleman) labored individually to get rid of the scary illness.

Scurvy is an evocative trip again to the period of wood ships and sails, while the sickness infiltrated each element of seafaring existence: press gangs "recruit" mariners at the approach domestic from a past due evening on the pub; a negative voyage looking for riches ends with a hobbled fleet and part the team heaved overboard; prepare dinner majestically travels the South Seas yet suffers an incredible destiny. Brimming with stories of ships, sailors, and baffling paperwork, Scurvy is an extraordinary mixture of compelling heritage and vintage experience story.

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