Sea Sick: The Global Ocean in Crisis

Sea Sick: The Global Ocean in Crisis

Alanna Mitchell

All existence — no matter if on land or within the sea — relies at the oceans for 2 things:

• Oxygen. so much of Earth’s oxygen is produced through phytoplankton within the sea. those humble, one-celled organisms, instead of the miraculous rain forests, are the genuine lungs of the planet.

• Climate keep an eye on. Our weather is regulated via the ocean’s currents, winds, and water-cycle activity.

Sea in poor health is the 1st e-book to check the present country of the world’s oceans — the nice unexamined ecological predicament of the planet — and the truth that we're changing every thing approximately them; temperature, salinity, acidity, ice hide, quantity, circulate, and, after all, the existence inside of them.

Alanna Mitchell joins the crews of major scientists in 9 of the worldwide ocean’s hotspots to work out firsthand what's rather taking place worldwide. even if it’s the effect of coral reef bleaching, the puzzle of the oxygen-less lifeless zones akin to the single within the Gulf of Mexico, or the surprising implications of the altering Ph stability of the ocean, Mitchell explains the technological know-how in the back of the tale to create a fascinating, available but authoritative account.

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