Seven Tears into the Sea

Seven Tears into the Sea

Terri Farley

Beckon the sea,
i will come to thee....
Shed seven tears,
per chance seven years....

on the age of ten, Gwen Cooke had an odd stumble upon with a boy with darkish, a little bit tilted eyes. He got here to her at the seashore, whispered unusual phrases in her ear, after which disappeared. presently thereafter, her kin moved clear of their beach domestic and Gwen by no means observed the boy back.
Now seventeen, Gwen is returning to her early life domestic. Her nana requested her to return. yet Gwen understands it is time to return for an additional cause: She yearns for the ocean. maybe the ocean itself is looking to her. might be the reminiscence of the boy and his haunting phrases are drawing her again to where they met. might be it is time for her to stand her future.

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