Shoulda Robbed a Bank

Shoulda Robbed a Bank

Hugh Yonn

An insider's hilarious stories from the marijuana trade.

If you're contemplating a marijuana offense to elevate money, rob a financial institution in its place. The time spent in criminal may be less. against the law related to marijuana is a ‘very critical offense.’

These are stories of event referring to a number of smuggling operations. a few profitable, a few now not. stories of the appropriate off-loads regarding multi-tons of the evil weed. stories of mishaps, entire with misplaced airplane, misplaced pot, and shut calls with the notorious DEA.

The tale of a wild get together that lasted fourteen years until eventually the scary: “They bought us!”
No one was once hurt—no one was once injured—no one used to be killed—there have been no victims.
Then why did they positioned those men in prison?

If you're serious about the genuine tale of the marijuana smuggling enterprise, the following it is—and it’s damned humorous. solid instances have been had through all—until prison.

That used to be now not a lot enjoyable.

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