Siege Perilous (The Mongoliad Cycle)

Siege Perilous (The Mongoliad Cycle)

E.D. deBirmingham

Ocyrhoe, a tender, crafty fugitive from Rome, safeguards a chalice of sophisticated yet nice strength. discovering herself in France, she allies with the persecuted, pacifist Cathar sect of their mythical mountaintop stronghold, Montségur. There she resists brokers of the Roman Church and its Inquisition, fights off escalating, bloody besiegement by means of troops of the King of France, and shields the mysterious cup from the designs of many.

Percival, the heroic Shield-Brethren knight from The Mongoliad, ate up via his mystical visions of the Holy Grail, can also be interested in Montségur—where the chalice holds the main to his future.

Arrayed opposed to Percival and Ocyrhoe are enemies either previous and new who're made up our minds to bare the secrets and techniques of the Shield-Brethren with the desire of destroying the order as soon as and for all.

Alive with memorable characters, severe with motion and intrigue, Siege Perilous conjures a medieval global the place the forces of religion confront the forces of worry. offerings made by way of characters in The Mongoliad achieve their final end during this 5th and concluding novel—and all of Christendom is at stake.

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