Signs of the Moon (Werewolf: The Forsaken)

Signs of the Moon (Werewolf: The Forsaken)

Stewart Wilson, Travis Stout, Matthew McFarland, Alex Scokel, Stephen Di Pesa, David Hill, Filamena Young

"Who are we?
Are we who we decide to be?
Or can we haven't any selection at all?
Mother Moon
The loopy Queen
It's her game
A rigged game
The global is a enjoying field
These are her mad rules
And we're her pieces
Each folks is aware her face
And but, she has 5 faces
So what can we do?
Who are we?"

This ebook includes:
• Chapters dedicated to all of the 5 auspices. In each one, you'll locate in-character artifacts discussing the histories and lives of these in the auspices, and you'll additionally locate new guns on your characters: presents, rites, inns, in addition to Auspice features that characters can decide to hone in on how their characters top embrace the auspice they represent.

• A Storytelling bankruptcy devoted to discussing how top to exploit auspice on your video game from either a pragmatic and theoretical point of view, in addition to a frank dialogue on developing new auspices and new Gifts.

• a chain of Storytelling experience approach scenes intended to function "auspice challenges" - those scenes are guaranteed to assorted auspices and will be dropped into your video games to focus on the significance of one's moon.

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