Silent Victim

Silent Victim

C.E. Lawrence

To capture A Twisted Killer

before everything, they seem like suicides. our bodies inside a week--one came across floating in New York's East River, one other electrocuted within the tub. yet forensics exhibit that the sufferers have been drugged, then killed. because the loss of life toll grows, so does the brutality of the murders--and the killer dubbed the Flesh Collector maintains to prey.

Put your self In His Path

NYPD profiler Lee Campbell joins the frantic pursuit of a murderous madman who delights in taunting police with ugly messages. someplace within the killer's terrifying handiwork lie the clues to his twisted psyche. however the case is becoming disturbingly own. Getting shut sufficient to prevent the monster capability getting shut enough--to die. . .

Praise for C. E. Lawrence and Silent Screams

"Pulse-racing, pleasant. . .a wild experience down a gloomy road."–-John Lutz

"Lawrence offers finely honed suspense with targeted twists."--Katherine Ramsland

"A darkish, fascinating thriller."--Publishers Weekly

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