Sister of the Sword (Barbarians, Book 3)

Sister of the Sword (Barbarians, Book 3)

Paul B. Thompson

The ultimate booklet in a historic Dragonlance trilogy.

On the conflict plains of Ansalon, all barbarians needs to band together.

Raiders, nomads, and villagers. Ogres and elves. Dragons of excellent and evil. those are the forces that experience joined conflict to choose the destiny of the 1st primitive civilization of Krynn. on the middle of this whirlwind, the long-separated siblings Amero and Nianki are reunited. yet foes gone and presumed useless additionally sign up for jointly, looking vengeance and destruction as soon as and for all.

Best-selling writing crew Thompson and prepare dinner go back back to the realm of Dragonlance in this sweeping end to the epic Barbarians trilogy.

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