Six Feet DOWN UNDER (Memoirs of a New Zealand Funeral Director)

Six Feet DOWN UNDER (Memoirs of a New Zealand Funeral Director)

Chris Mann

whilst humans pay attention you're a Funeral Director the reactions differ. a few will speedy switch the topic, however the majority of individuals will ask lots of questions.
This is simply because there's a component of mystique concerning the occupation. for this reason, humans need to know what you do, and what you’ve seen.
This booklet starts off from my early days as a Funeral Director’s assistant via to changing into a Funeral Director. It covers tales of tragedy, tales of laughter, tales of curiosity and a few of the issues that may and do get it wrong!

I labored for a number one Auckland funeral directing company for 8 years. I labored there on separate occasions—1986 to 1989 and back in 1998 to 2003.
This is my tale, my ideas, my observations. From facing bereaved households, or supporting the recent Zealand Police at tragic roadside smashes and murders, via to the funerals themselves. From funerals attended via the leading Minister and excessive category society, to funerals attended by means of road childrens and drug addicts. From funerals the place attendance is within the hundreds of thousands, via to the funerals the place no one came!

A Funeral administrators activity isn't all grief and unhappy tales. there's disappointment linked to this undefined, however it additionally has many moments of laughter, pleasure and tedium.
However, it truly is continuously, consistently attention-grabbing.

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