Slan: A Novel

Slan: A Novel

A. E. van Vogt

In the Nineteen Forties, the Golden Age of technology fiction flowered within the journal Astounding. Editor John W. Campbell, Jr., came across and promoted nice new writers akin to A.E. van Vogt, whose novel Slan was once one of many works of the period.

Slan is the tale of Jommy go, the orphan mutant outcast from a destiny society prejudiced opposed to mutants, or slans. in the course of the forties and into the fifties, Slan used to be thought of the only most vital SF novel, the only nice ebook that everybody needed to learn. at the present time it continues to be a monument to pulp SF experience, full of consistent motion and a cornucopia of ideas.

This variation has a brand new advent via Kevin J. Anderson.

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