Slasher (World of Darkness)

Slasher (World of Darkness)

Jess Hartley, Howard Wood Ingham, Rick Chillot, Mike Lee, Stew Wilson, Matthew McFarland Travis Stout

There’s a distinct breed of killer in the market. They aren’t pushed by way of the necessity to drink blood or the heartbeat of the complete moon. They kill simply because they need to, simply because homicide is the one factor they be aware of. Will you hunt the slashers — or subscribe to their ranks?

A Chronicle booklet for global of Darkness® and Hunter: The Vigil™

• A grim exploration of the slasher phenomenon: why are a few humans—including a few hunters—driven to kill? How can a few of them shrug off bullets or forget about an awl to the skull?
• a glance at a brand new hunter conspiracy pushed to enquire, hunt—and with a bit of luck arrest—supernatural serial killers: the FBI’s VASCU, or leading edge Serial Crimes Unit.
• how you can use slashers in a narrative either as antagonists and as anti-hero protagonists. study the harsh Undertakings of the slashers of the area of Darkness.
• New guns within the struggle opposed to slashers… in addition to new slashers within the struggle opposed to everyone with a pulse. comprises new gear, strategies, benefits, and Endowments (including VASCU’s psychic Teleinformatics abilities).

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