Something to Hide: A Novel

Something to Hide: A Novel

“Classic Moggach: readable, memorable . . . an unashamedly colourful trip throughout continents, with outfits, nutrition, landscapes introduced joyously to life.” —The Times (London)

“Nobody on the earth is familiar with our mystery . . . that I’ve ruined Bev’s existence, and she’s ruined mine.”

Petra’s romantic existence has constantly been a automobile crash, or even in her sixties she’s nonetheless getting it disastrously mistaken. after which she falls in love with Jeremy, an previous pal traveling from out of the country. There’s only one seize: Jeremy is married to her ally, Bev.

Meanwhile, on contrary facets of the realm, different ladies also are suffering from the load of betrayal: Lorrie, a Texan, is ready to embark at the greatest deception of her lifestyles, and in China, Li Jing is attempting to appreciate precisely what it truly is her husband does on his work trips.

It seems that regardless of the place you're on the earth or how good you think that you recognize your beloved, each person has secrets.

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