Sorcery Rising:: Book One of Fool's Gold

Sorcery Rising:: Book One of Fool's Gold

Jude Fisher

DAW is proud to give Sorcery Rising-a e-book which we think will turn out to be the most fascinating fable debuts of our time.

Its writer, Jude Fisher, is a massive U.K. writer who oversees the British e-book of all of J.R.R. Tolkien's work-which resulted in her writing The Lord of the earrings: The Fellowship of the jewelry visible Companion.

choked with magic and magical quests, conflict and deception, intercourse and romance, and painted on a canvas wealthy with assorted really good cultures and unique landscapes, and with probably the most dynamic and charismatic heroines to ever grace the pages of a delusion novel, Sorcery Rising is a real blockbuster.

And to best all of it off, the breath-taking jacket artwork is from world-famous artist Michael Whelan.

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