Spice and Wolf, Volume 10

Spice and Wolf, Volume 10

Isuna Hasekura

THIS isn't really AN reputable TRANSLATION, this can be a TRANSLATION performed by way of THE FANS

After experiencing the commotion at Gerube, Lawrence and corporate ready to go to an island state at the different part of the sea - the Winfield nation, their vacation spot, the Brondel Monastery, that is acknowledged to own the "wolf's bone."

Upon arriving on the Winfield country, Lawrence and his partners detect that the monastery, previously filthy rich because of the wool alternate, has fallen right into a monetary drawback. not just that, the Ruvik Alliance, recognized all over the place because the world's strongest fiscal alliance, has been going backward and forward in the country for the sake of the monastery's land. below such precarious situations, Lawrence and corporate enlist the aid of Pisky, a service provider belonging to the alliance, for you to give you the option to catch up with to the monastery. in spite of the fact that - ?

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