Spirit Dances (The Walker Papers, Book 6)

Spirit Dances (The Walker Papers, Book 6)

C.E. Murphy

For Seattle detective Joanne Walker, spring is set new beginnings. She's mastered her shamanic skills (mostly), survived a cannibalistic serial killer (barely) and now she's dealing with the most important problem of her career—attending a dance live performance along with her horny boss, Captain Michael Morrison. but if the performance—billed as transformative—actually alterations her right into a coyote, she and Morrison have larger issues to deal with.

And there is extra. Homeless everyone is disappearing, a magical homicide places Joanne manner out of her jurisdiction and with the whole moon approaching, it truly is having a look just like the killer is a creature that cannot in all likelihood exist.

But Jo may well most likely deal with all of that, if one traditional murder hadn't driven her to the very edge….

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