Spirits and Spells (Chamber of Horrors, Book 2)

Spirits and Spells (Chamber of Horrors, Book 2)

Bruce Coville

Create your personality and roll the dice—it’s all only a video game . . . or is it?

Why can’t Tansy’s boyfriend, Travis, be into anything normal—like soccer? as a substitute, he likes complex video games with magical characters and amazing setups. in truth, Travis simply chanced on a brand new one known as Spirits and Spells, which he’s convinced could be an enormous hit.

To check it out, Tansy, Travis, and 4 in their pals assemble one evening in an deserted mansion—the excellent surroundings for his or her spooky quest. All six settle for their characters’ roles and unique talents and trigger to discover 4 gadgets of strength that Travis has hidden close by. yet as they stream deeper into the home, the avid gamers come across hindrances that certainly weren’t speculated to be there, and the hazards begin to appear all too genuine.

Before morning, each one of them can be compelled to name on their new powers as they fight to maintain their magical identities from taking up and getting what they honestly wish: a manner again into this global.

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