Spolia, Issue 8: The Mind

Spolia, Issue 8: The Mind

Your mind is sort of a laptop. what percentage occasions will we learn this obnoxious assertion in modern technological know-how and philosophy? Your mind is a working laptop or computer, your physique is a desktop. you're just a few elements, cobbled jointly, functioning until eventually you do not.

Here is why you like: it truly is hormones and endorphins and a force in the direction of procreation. we have now the mind scans to turn out it.

Here is why you're unhappy: your serotonin degrees are imbalanced, and we will be able to treatment this with prescription medication.

Brain as opposed to brain. it kind of feels like somebody is often attempting to compartmentalize us, first the non secular attempting to eliminate the physique from the soul. Now it’s the observe “soul” that will get eyes rolling and will get you scolded for now not being extra serious.

So once we use the observe brain the following, we're resisting the concept we will be able to be totally understood via a few mind imagery, or by way of our endocrine procedure, or via our meat. That our mind, the smooth bits stuffed into our cranium, isn't extra very important than our brain. That we're higher than the sum of our parts.

To speak about this concept, we've poets and scientists. Our members this month comprise Curtis White, writer of The technological know-how Delusion and Dana Becker, writer of Through the having a look Glass: ladies and Borderline character Disorder. We even have a Swedish modernist poet, a latest American poet, a Slovenian novelist, and others.

Down with Materialism. Up with the Mind.

Depression: The Evolutionary Case
by Curtis White

All This occurred In My Mind
by Joanna Kavenna

by Daphne Gottlieb

by Edith Södergran

A Flower in complete Bloom: An advent to Edith Södergran
by BJ Epstein

Art Portfolio
by Michael Reedy

Under the Surface
by Mojca Kumerdej, translated via Laura Cuder Turk

My lifetime of the brain, or How I discovered to include highbrow lack of confidence and mistrust Neuroscience
by Dana Becker

Excerpt from “Night Thoughts”
by Sarah Arvio

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