Stand on Zanzibar

Stand on Zanzibar

John Brunner

Norman Niblock home is a emerging govt at basic Technics, one in every of a couple of omnipotent firms. His paintings is top basic Technics to the vanguard of worldwide domination, either available to buy and politically---it's approximately to take over a rustic in Africa. Donald Hogan is his roommate, a possible sheepish bookworm. yet Hogan is a secret agent, and he is approximately to find a step forward in genetic engineering that might switch the world...and kill him.

These men's lives weave via one in every of technological know-how fiction's so much praised novels. Written in a fashion that echoes John Dos Passos' U.S.A. Trilogy, Stand on Zanzibar is a cross-section of a global overpopulated through the billions. the place society is squeezed into hive-living insanity through god-like mega pcs, mass-marketed psychedelic medicinal drugs, and mundane makes use of of genetic engineering. even though written in 1968, it speaks of 2010, and is frighteningly prescient and very powerful.

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