Starpilot's Grave: Book Two of Mageworlds

Starpilot's Grave: Book Two of Mageworlds

Mageworlds publication Two:

Blockaded, limited, and forgotten--the Mageworlds may by no means threaten the Republic again.

A damaged and drifting send, it really is long-dead captain nonetheless strapped within the command seat: that is what free-spacers name a starpilot's grave. whilst this sort of derelict craft looks within the web, the synthetic barrier area isolating the Republic from the Mageworlds, the invention is not any coincidence. it is a signal, a caution that the Mageworlds haven't forgotten the Republic--and the Magelords make lengthy plans.

But the Magelords were not making plans on Beka Rosselin-Metadi.

Beka has unfinished company to maintain, and his identify is Ebenra D'Caer: the fellow who prepared her mother's homicide. D'Caer is safe--he thinks--hidden one of the Mages at the a ways facet of the internet. Flying below a fake identify and fake shades, Beka penetrates the Magezone and unearths greater than a person anticipated: the Magelords have came across a deadly weak spot within the Republic's defenses, and are poised to wreak their vengeance at the hated enemy.

The Mages are too robust. they have to prevail.

Unless one lady in a single send can do the impossible.

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