Stay with Me (Linger Anthology)

Stay with Me (Linger Anthology)

Maya Banks


Getting her again would be the hardest deal they’ve ever negotiated.

On the evening of her 5th anniversary, Catherine Cullen-Wellesley intends to wreck the scoop to the 2 males in her lifestyles. She’s pregnant with their baby. It’ll be the ideal preamble to the holiday they’ve promised her: weeks on a Jamaican seashore. No cellphones, no emails, no business.

But while Logan and Rhys blow off the journey for one more “business emergency”, Catherine faces a few tough truths. She hasn’t come first in her busy husbands’ lives in many years. Defiantly, she packs her luggage for her long-awaited vacation—alone. It’ll provide her an opportunity to determine what the hell she’s going to do with the remainder of her life.

When Logan and Rhys come domestic to an empty residence, they observe issues: One, it was once a mistake to take Catherine with no consideration. , they’re no longer prepared to simply allow her stroll out in their lives.

Winning her again stands out as the such a lot tough conflict in their lives—more vital than any enterprise deal they’ve ever negotiated.

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