Steadicam: Techniques and aesthetics

Steadicam: Techniques and aesthetics

Serena Ferrara

during this specific examine, Serena Ferrara examines the innovative influence of the Steadicam on filmmaking.

The Steadicam has freed-up the digicam operator to persist with a film's circulate, anyplace it truly is occurring. Serena Ferrara explains the foundations during which the Steadicam is operated and the influence it has on filmmaking, together with the consequences it could produce on reveal, on a film's narrative, on its viewers, and at the director's creativity.

Also featured are interviews with motion picture pros, during which numerous perspectives of the Steadicam are awarded in an open dialogue. Interviewees include:

Garrett Brown
Giuseppe Rotunno
John Carpenter
Mario Orfini
Larry McConkey
Nicola Pecorini
Haskell Wexler
Ed DiGiulio
Vittorio Storaro
Caroline Goodall

Anyone considering, or fascinated about, the method of filmmaking with locate this an enlightening and inspirational research.

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