StuperPowers! Deluxe

StuperPowers! Deluxe

Fred Van Lente, Ryan Dunlavey, Steve Ellis, Stew Noack

The top notch online game for Third-Rate Heroes through Ryan Dunlavey, Steve Ellis, Stew Noack and Fred Van Lente

Earth's mightiest heroes have vanished however the nastiest, foulest villains to ever stroll the planet stay. Now in basic terms YOU stand among Earth and overall destruction and all you are able to do is...TARGET VOMIT?!?

STUPERPOWERS! is a role-playing online game the place you play large heroes with foolish, lifeless, and sometimes downright gross powers, that you use opposed to the single a little much less ridiculous forces of evil. The Stuperpowers! rulebook works as a stand-alone online game process or a funny complement in your favourite tremendous hero RPG. Now in its moment version, the e-book is choked with a hundred ridiculous and completely playable powers, personality development ideas, a full-length four-adventure crusade, Live-Action principles, and the kid-tested, mother-approved INSTAVENTURES Random state of affairs new release method!

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