Super (Supers of Noble's Green)

Super (Supers of Noble's Green)

Matthew Cody

A superpowered sequel to Matthew Cody’s renowned debut novel, Powerless!
Daniel Corrigan is as general as may be, specifically compared to the Supers: young ones in his new fatherland with real powers like flight and super-strength. yet Daniel’s now not powerless. simply he used to be in a position to cease the Shroud, a supervillain bent on stealing his newfound neighbors’ powers. and due to him, his acquaintances bought to maintain these powers.
Now Daniel himself is commencing to demonstrate powers, whereas while his acquaintances are wasting theirs. His buddy Eric thinks Daniel is simply turning into a brilliant himself, a late-blooming one. yet Daniel concerns there is whatever extra sinister at paintings, when you consider that his power-stealing skill is uncomfortably just like the Shroud’s. in fact, the Shroud is long past now . . . is not he? Or might Daniel himself be his new vessel?

From the Hardcover edition.

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