Swim: Why We Love the Water

Swim: Why We Love the Water

Lynn Sherr

Swim is a party of swimming and the impression it has on our lives. It’s an inquiry into why we swim—the entice, the carry, the undying magic of being within the water. It’s a glance at how swimming has replaced over the millennia, how this historical job is changing into extra social than solitary this present day. It’s approximately our dating with the water, with our fishy forebearers, and with the costumes that we put on. You’ll even discover a few songs to sing should you push out these subsequent laps.

Swimming fanatic Lynn Sherr explores each point of the game, from the biology of swimming to the celebrity of Esther Williams; from turquoise swimming pools and wild water to the educational of Olympians; and he or she finds the key of buoyancy in order that somebody can stay away from the instance of the English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, who lamented, “Why can’t I swim, it sort of feels so very easy?” while his pal, the biographer Edward John Trelawny, acknowledged, “because you think that you can’t,” Shelley plunged into Italy’s Arno River and dropped like a rock. With Swim, you could steer clear of that occuring to you.


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