Sword-Breaker (Tiger and Del)

Sword-Breaker (Tiger and Del)

Jennifer Roberson

Accused of murdering a guy the Southern tribes think to be their messiah, yet who's truly the slayer of Del's kin, Tiger and Del flee around the lethal Punja desolate tract, hunted by means of spiritual zealots and sword-dancer assassins. yet evading demise by way of assassins' blades is just one of the demanding situations they face. For Tiger's sword, Samiel, has been possessed through the spirit of the lethal sorcerer, Chosa Dei—a wizard out of legend with the ability to unmake the complete global, a grasp of evil who seeks to mildew Tiger into his final weapon of destruction.

Tiger and Del have just one wish left—to locate and achieve the aid of Chosa Dei's both strong counterpart and sworn enemy, Shaka Obre. yet Shaka Obre has now not bee nseen on the earth for centuries, and it can be past even the mixed magical skills of Tiger and Del to discover this wizard who's their basically likelihood for salvation...

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