Syllable and Segment in Latin (Oxford Studies in Diachronic and Historical Linguistics)

Syllable and Segment in Latin (Oxford Studies in Diachronic and Historical Linguistics)

Ranjan Sen

Syllable and phase in Latin deals new and designated analyses of 5 long-standing difficulties in Latin ancient phonology. In so doing, it clarifies the relative roles of synchronic phonological constitution and phonetics in guiding sound switch. whereas the phenomena can predominantly be defined by way of a reductionist view of diachronic phonology, claiming that calls for of speech creation and conception by myself encourage and constrain old improvement, the
author indicates that synchronic constitution performed the pivotal function of governing major (but no longer instantly obvious) specific and gradient floor variations, and that a few phonetically explicable advancements have been in truth initiated and restricted by means of structural analogy.

Ranjan Sen considers examines transparent and darkish /l/; inverse compensatory lengthening; syllabification prior to cease + liquid in vowel aid; vocalic epenthesis in cease + /l/; and consonantal assimilations. He ascertains the phonological stipulations for every phenomenon, reconstructs the motivations for the alterations, and develops a technique for the ideal use of facts from non-current languages to judge theories of diachronic phonology. He evaluates the most probably phonetic and
phonological affects by means of investigating experiences throughout languages, constructing a safe facts base via distinctive philological exam, and reconstructing the phonetics - via either common ideas and pertinent experimental stories - and the proper phonological constitution of the language.

The ebook will entice graduate scholars and researchers in old linguistics, phonology, Classical philology, and Indo-European linguistics.

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