Syphon's Song

Syphon's Song

Anise Rae

Mayflower Mages, no 1

Legends say a syphon can drain a mage dry. he will courageous the chance. Will she?

a persons' enjoying pranks. The physique of the overdue Casteel patriarch has been stolen and talented to the family's enemy, the robust Rallises. so far as Bronte Casteel is worried, they could preserve it. She hasn't spoken to her relations in 13 years, no longer on the grounds that they exiled her from society for her loss of mage energy. yet she's a syphon mage, capable drain one other mage's strength. Syphons' destinies are continually an analogous: dying by way of fiery stake. She hides her mystery by means of residing one of the Nons--powerless people and the bottom classification within the Republic. while her relatives orders her to move plead for the body's go back, she comes nose to nose with the only guy who is familiar with her mystery.

Colonel Vincent Rallis is not letting his syphon break out this time. no longer while she's lower than suspicion of body-napping and supporting anti-mage terrorists. he will turn out her innocence even if she wishes him to or no longer, after which persuade her they belong together...forever.

Vincent's aid comes with a steep fee: Bronte needs to show her strength. The inevitable resulting witch-hunt and trial will be undesirable sufficient, yet even a tricky woman may possibly buckle if her prosecutors are her personal mom and dad.

content material caution: sizzling, steamy nights with the colonel's magic touch

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